You know that sound your blades make when you first touch a clean sheet of ice, that clean and fresh sound of the blade cutting in for your first stride, it feels amazing. One minute you are a going about your life and the next you are a hockey player. That first step on the ice lets you leave the world of mundane behind and step into the magic of hockey.

How many goals will you score today? How many will you save? How many great grade A chances will you miss, and how many passes will whiz by your stick? How many one-timers will you take and hit the net?

We all want to become better players, because the game becomes that much more fun. It takes work, no doubt but it also takes some good advice and practicing the right way to make the most progress quickly.

This is why we are here. We built this program to make your game more fun! Whether you want to improve your skating so you can get to places quicker and be more stable, or your overall game play, there is a session you can take.

The program offers Powerup Skating, Shooting Essentials and Better Hockey Foundation sessions so you can work on whatever it is you want to.